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New Social Provider: Slack

March 31, 2017

By now, just about everyone that uses a computer for work, even if only a little bit, is familiar with Slack.  At AuthRocket, we love Slack.  Our team uses it daily for quick communication, sharing notes and screenshots on current projects, and to scour the web for useful industry information.


Odds are you use Slack and it’s likely your customers do too.

So we’ve added Slack to our Social Login provider list.  If you want your users to be able to login to your app using their Slack credentials, you can accomplish that in extremely short order.

All it takes to make it work for your app: Turn on Slack as an auth provider within the AuthRocket UI and visit Slack for a few minutes of setup.

See the details here.


Need help with Social Login?  Tell us what you’re up to.  We’d love to help.