AuthRocket for PHP

August 18, 2016

At AuthRocket, we’ve maintained consistent focus on providing an API that’s easy to talk to and easy to integrate with, using the programming language of your choice.

Because of that focus, and the resulting AuthRocket API, we haven’t written a stack of SDKs for integration, and instead have added time-saving features requested by developers like you, and provided first-rate customer support and documentation to help you get your ultra-unique app running every bit as awesomely as you dreamed it could.

So it’s with that background that we’ve released our new AuthRocket PHP Library.


While we know you don’t actually need an SDK to integrate your app, we’re confident that a great library will speed up the process for PHP developers even more.  It covers all of our Core API and parts of the Extended API as well.

On a similar note, we already have a very polished AuthRocket Ruby (and Rails) Gem (SDK) that’s popular with our Ruby-loving customers.

As always, let us know how we can help you out with integration, whether it be with the help of a library or with your own unique, custom integration.  We’d love to help.