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Social Auth Going Live

October 28, 2015

Today we’re moving Social Auth from beta to general availability.  Numerous folks are already using social auth successfully and we’re excited to reach this milestone.  If you have already done the simple job of integrating with our customizable, hosted login platform, LoginRocket, then adding Social Auth is completely code-free.  You just sign up through your desired Social Auth provider and enable Social Auth in AuthRocket.  Social Auth is included with all AuthRocket plans.

Additionally, we are announcing support for authentication via already authorized access tokens.  This makes it possible to use native SDKs, like those for iOS or Android, without AuthRocket.  The new API support is compatible with SDKs that expose the access token, such as those from Facebook and Google.  We’ve been testing this successfully with a number of customers and are pleased to make it available to everyone.

If you have any questions about how to leverage AuthRocket’s social login features, don’t hesitate to contact us.